Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Box-O-Wine is good!

So I have been harping Box-O-Wine and it seems like with Hall-o-Ween in the air with Jack-O-Lanerns and the like, now is a good time to talk it up. I like a nice glass of wine with dinner, or even without. Problem is, I am too cheap to pop a whole bottle of wine for myself - inevitably I wont' finish it. So that has left me in the past drinking the $2 Charles Wilson wine, better known in these parts as Two Buck Chuck. It isn't half bad, and better than the price indicates. So then I wondered if these box wines are better. The nice thing about a box, is that once you open it, you have a month to polish it off. So a glass here, a glass there, and eventually you'll get thru the 3L (4 bottles) of wine. But it has a bad rap. Lets stop that. I have had it, and it can be very good. I found some recommendations, and apparently, most of the 3L boxes are pretty good stuff. The price is right, since they save so much on the bottles and shipping. So pick one up and try it out. Even my parents, ever the wine fanatics, keep a Box-O of Chardonnay in the fridge. - Ryan

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