Monday, December 11, 2006

Tonight's foodglop

Just sittin' down here to eat tonight's Foodglop, a little pasta ditty:

I read that adding ginger to pasta tomato dishes adds a nice touch. I haven't tried it yet cuz its too hot.


2 - boca italian sausages, lightly burned
2" of gingerroot, diced
1/4 head of garlic
small onion
One jar Muir Glenn organic cabernet pasta sauce. I always get all these different varieties of pasta sauce so I'm trying to keep track of which ones are good.
one big zuchinni
6 springs of asparagus
can of black olives

diced the onion, ginger, and garlic. Sauteed for 8 mins in what turned out to be too much olive oil. Pulls flavor out of the spices. The recipe called for pureeing the sauce when done, might have added flavor but too much work

Tossed the pasta sauce on top, then tossed in the veggies
quick browned the sausage, coined them, and tossed in the mix
Added the sliced olives
cook till zuch's were tender
had some whole wheat organic pasta, cooked al dente, which actually turned out to be al dente. I kinda like my noodles over dente, but I'm trying to be authentic. Fettuchini.

Anyway, I think I used too much oil cuz it didn't totally mix up with the sauce, and spitted off the pan.

I can taste the ginger but I'm not overly impressed with it....although it is tasty, it doesn't seem like it added a whole lot. I can taste. Perhaps some pickled ginger, or maybe I should have beat it up in my new mortar which i don't use enough...

Oh yeah I tossed some dried chili's in it, and it didn't seem to add any spice.

All in all, tasty, and maybe I'd try it again to make it more gingery which I think would work really well. Anyone have any tips for getting the flavor out of ginger...?

Update: I just called the taste I was chasing the Ginger Throb, but I need to work on it to get a better throb...

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