Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Last Supper....

So Wednesday was the last BBQ at 843 Santa Barbara.  It was really a good one!

The owners live upstairs and can't handle the fun and smoke and dust from a charcoal grill.  Finally, after we decided not to move out, they forced my hand and sent me a note saying I have to get rid of the charcoal grill.  So that meant we needed to have one last suaree.

Anyway, I'll be moving out as soon as I find a new place, as I need to grill.  Unfortunately, it looks like my roomies aren't interested in moving. 

Ah yes, the BBQ!  Steaks!  About as many as I've ever done.  9 to be exact.  3 NY Strips from Henry's, and one 16oz ribeye that looked as good as any I've ever seen, and 3 more NY strips, and then two more NY strips.  I got the fire going, then choked it.  By the time I was ready to cook, it had gone cold, so I stoked it, and it figures that only by the time the steaks were done did the fire really get rolling.  Alas!

Juli made a really tasty slaw that didn't last.  We both bought green cabbage 'round St. Paddy's day....suckers for green things are we both. 

Wine was flowing, courtesy of Charles Shaw, his $2 bottles a bit hit with the crew.  Chaewon brought over two Korean friends who were dancing in the living room, and it was quite the little party for a usually quiet Wednesday evening!  All and all, well done!

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Anonymous said...

I can assist with the dough... I have some previous bakery experience. ;) However, you must promise to feed me by 9!!!